Give Until it Feels Good.

The 2020
Raleigh Giving Party

Who We Are

We are some of the most generous and fun women in Raleigh! Come join Natalie Best, Melissa Colantuoni, and Christina Woelffer in 2021 to celebrate 10 years of RGP magic and Give Until It Feels Good!

What We Do

Each year, on the Thursday after Thanksgiving, a group of girlfriends hosts a cozy, women-only cocktail + nosh party supporting local nonprofits.


In lieu of hosting our annual merry Raleigh Giving Party, which would be unsafe due to the extraordinary number of bighearted women who come and Give Until it Feels Good, we encourage our girlfriends to revisit some favorites from previous years and consider making a donation.

Over the past nine years, our Raleigh girlfriends have proven they have an abundance of community-focused benevolence, which helps boost local charitable organizations. While we may be physically distant, we are still united: part girl power, part holiday giddiness, all altruistic, we Give Until it Feels Good!

Toasting the Total

Look how much you’ve helped raise for some local nonprofits since 2011!

Grand Total: $195,000

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  • 2012
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  • 2019


December 2021 – Raleigh, North Carolina

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Can't come but want to give?

Usually, this is the place to click if you can’t come but want to give.

It will be ready for you next year!

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Special Thank Yous

We would like to extend a merry, heartfelt thank you for their time and efforts to:
Laurel Streng, Eliza Kraft Olander, Hayes-Barton Cafe and Karen Brown